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Hand Dyed Ombre' Style Embroidered Entomology Fuchsia & White Denim Vest

Authentic OOAW

  • $ 6000

Wearable art is not only always in fashion, it is just fun to wear and even more so, when it is so unique. I just love how this little vest turned out. It was a lot of work, with much attention to the details, but, I just love it.

If you would like to check out the steps I took to make this cute little vest, check out my blog:

How cool would it be, for example, for someone who is in the Entomology field or studying entomology to wear this amazing one of a kind Entomology inspired vest. Or if you just love bright colors, flowers, and bugs, how fun it would be to wear something so unique and colorful.

This cute little cropped white jean style vest has been hand dyed using the dip dye technique in Fucshia in create the ombre' style. Heavily embellished with beautiful floral and entomology themed machine and free style embroideries. I have layered some of the embroideries to give it extra dimensional texture. The layered embellishments were done by basically creating small quilted pieces and stitching them to the vest leaving the edges raw, giving it extra texture and interest. I have also lined the vest with a bright pink and white high quality cotton fabric. this gives the inside of the jacket a nice clean finish.

If you love wearable art and enjoy wearing unique one of a kind fashion pieces, then this would be an amazing addition to your wardrobe. It will certainly be a conversation starter and attention grabber. Life is short, have fun in all things, especially in expressing your personality and style!! Show off your unique personal style!  This is a one of a kind embroidered vest and it is the only one.  I make these myself, and although some may be similar in theme or design, no two will ever be alike.  This is a true Authentic OOAW garment.

The label states that this vest is a large, but as you can see by the model, she wears size Small to Medium and it fit her perfectly. You can just toss this little vest into the wash using cold water with like colors and dry it as usual. Very easy to care for. The washing instructions are on the back side of the label sewn inside the vest.