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About Us

Authentic OOAW - Out On A Whim is a shop where you will find one of a kind hand crafted items that you won't find anywhere else.  Each item in our store is made by me, Renee Rutherford, designer and creator of all products offered.  I am a self taught artisan who has been making anything and everything from all kinds of mediums for as long as I remember.  

The name of my shop is Authentic OOAW - Out On A Whim for one simple reason, I love to make things, all kinds of things, and you never know what I'll be making next. This gives my shop a true uniqueness because I offer so many different types of hand cafted items. I'm a woodworker, bookbinder, leather worker, painter, sculpter doll maker, toy maker, textile artist, screen printer, sign maker, photographer and printmaker and on and on and on.

My Grandchildren are a big part of my creative inspiration, and I love teaching them how to do and make things. We are trying to raise enough funds to build our own "Out On A Whim Maker Kid's Studio", so, just remember, when you purchase items from Authentic OOAW, you are helping to build a place for kids to come and learn how to make some most wonderful things. 


I hope you will add me to your favorite lists when you are looking for something really different.

visit me online on my social pages and blogs:   @BayBeauti

Thank you so much for visiting my shop!!

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