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Hand Forged Copper Earrings

Authentic OOAW

  • $ 1800

These beautiful hand forged earrings are made from 24 gauge copper sheet. They are cut and shaped by hand with added copper wire embellishment The ear wires are also handmade from copper wire with turquoise beads. The pair with the round turquoise beads are the ones that you will receive. I have sealed the entire surface of the earrings including the ear wires with a professional clear coating.

Depending on the wear of these, eventually, the coating will wear off.  To reseal them at home, use an ultra hard clear nail polish or you can purchase a professional sealer like everbrite.

These earrings are approximately 3 inches in total length including the ear wires, and 3/4 inches wide at the widest point, the bottom.

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